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Tuesday January 26, 2016

Today Gary was up early to go diving. He had to be at the ferry pier by 7:30 am. The water was rough and by the time they got in the water everyone was getting queasy, especially Gary. Once in the water he was fine. The visibility was mediocre due to the recent torrential rains. After about 20 minutes bottom time they got lost and his buddy surfaced to get visual directions. Gary didn’t surface but ascended to about 5 meters. Once they get a bearing they tried defending and Gary could not get his right ear to equalize. After 2 more tries of up and down they gave up and swam back to the boat. Once onboard Gary was feeling terrible sea sickness and sadly the boat was out of seasickness pills. BLAAH! He laid in the sun on the top deck for the next dive. Since the water was so rough, they only did the 2 dives and we’re back on shore around 11:30 am. He’ll see how rough tomorrow is and decide then if he goes out.
After lunch (fried rice and cashew nuts & pad Thai) we walked down to Sairee beach. We camped out in front of Lotus Bar. Gary posted a picture on Facebook from there and tagged the location as Lotus Bar. Then some other things showed up on Lotus Bar, specifically 2 murders near there on January 8, 2016. A male and female were brutally raped and murdered after being involved in a pub crawl. (We are not staying anywhere near there thankfully) But it appears that Koh Tao is not as safe as one would hope. Don’t forget that the a male in Saskatoon disappeared after a pub crawl too. Note to self, no pub crawls!

The beach in the area is severely eroded and it was high tide which made for no place to lay on the beach. Also there were big waves crashing up and some structures like waterfront decks had been wrecked! We were lucky to find a place to spread our towels and soak up the sun for a few hours!

On the long walk down a brick pathway we picked up some oranges and bananas for snacks. When we got back to the room we had enough sand to warrant a quick shower. Then shortly after it was time for supper.

After supper we came back to the room and realized we had left the key inside and locked ourselves out. We couldn’t find the owner, we ended up talking to a couple of the massage gals right across the street and they said Som had gone for supper. After chatting with them we decided we had time to kill so would have a massage. Told them we needed a deeper tissue massage, they said no problem! Best massage of all our travels!! We’ll be going back. We sat and had a cup of tea following the massage and then walked back across the street to our hotel. We were just figuring out what we should do when up pulled Som on her scooter. Thank goodness!! She got the master key and let us into our room. Gathered up laundry and got Gary’s dive stuff ready to go in the morning, now it is off to bed for us.


PS We walked 6.25 Km today according the Gary’s iPhone.

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