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Thursday January 28, 2016

Today Gary went diving at 7:30am with sunshine divers. He had 2 dives, one to a ship wreck (HTMS Sattakut) at 30 metres Click Here to View info & pictures of wreck and the other to a coral garden called White Rock. Both dives went well but the visibility was still only 5 to 7 metres which is considered pretty bad.

We had planned on making a snorkelling trip to a beach but our plans were screwed up by the periods of rain and lack of sunshine. After lunch we walked around with umbrellas and did some shopping for t-shirts and then we mailed some of our clothes back to Canada by slow boat at the post office of Thailand. We keep adding to our suitcase and we decided rather than limit our future purchases we would send some of our older t-shirts and shorts home. The longer shorts and capris are not really needed when you are not touring temples.

Had another massage tonight before supper. Linda had the same gal as before and she did an amazing job again. She can’t believe the knots in Linda’s shoulders and continues to comment on them! She’s made it her mission to try and loosen them up but so far not successful although some of the Thai massage she’s used have just about turned Linda into a pretzel!! Gary had a different gal and although good wasn’t as good as the gal he had the first night.
Supper was back at our favourite little restaurant, Longs Seafood. Pretty laid back day not quite what we had planned.

Friday January 29, 2016

We slept in today until about 7:30 am because we will be up at 4:00 am tomorrow in time to pack up and get to the ferry by 5:30am which sails at 6am. Shortly after getting up it started pouring rain again. We packed up some laundry and dropped it off and then went for breakfast at the Zest Restaurant. As we are sitting here paying bills online and eating the sun is starting to break through the clouds. Finally blue sky!


Finally the sun is coming out for our last day!
Finally the sun is coming out for our last day!



The temperature is about 28 right now and we are just sweating in the shade due to humidity! No complaints as long as the rain stays away! We fear a cloud burst as we are walking to 2 blocks to the pier Saturday Morning! Please don’t rain. Yes, we threw out our cheap / free raincoats from Hong Kong. Karma!

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