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Monday, February 1, 2016

Today we got up and decided we needed to move to a bigger room. So we negotiated a price with the front desk and moved after breakfast. We now have a couch to pile stuff on and a refrigerator as well. The most annoying thing is we have a key for the lock box which requires careful watching. I’m not sure what would happen if we lost it!

After we moved we went to Sunrise beach. We applied sunscreen in the shower before leaving so it would have time to soak in! The sun is very intense here and the sand is so beautiful soft and white. We snorkelled for quite a while right off the beach as there is coral out only about 5 metres into the water. We laid on the sand and snorkelled again. We saw a family of clown fish swimming in and around their sea anemone. We just floated above them and watched them swim in and out of their home base. Farther out we saw bannerfish. We should have taken the under water camera! We decided we needed to do some exploring so we got a boat price to take us across to Koh Adang. It is a much larger island with a ranger station and national park. We found a guy to take us over and back and then around the whole island for 600 baht. He started out at 100 baht per person to go to Koh Adang and 800 Baht more to go around the island! We went and snorkelled on Koh Adang where there is a camp ground with tents and another area with bungalows, no air con just fans. It is set in a forest of huge evergreen trees with long needles. The trees look like something we have seen in Williams Arizona when we camped there in 1993. It is extremely peaceful there.

The boat ride around Ko Lipe was interesting. It is a small island but has a number of gorgeous white sand beaches. He dropped us back at Sunrise beach and we walked back to our hotel. Good thing we had a map as there are tiny streets going in every direction. We ended up finding our way back but certainly didn’t come home the way we walked there in the morning! Saw some new scenery.

We stopped at a dive shop named Sabye Diving and the guy there is from Jasper Alberta. We both knew as soon as he started talking that he was Canadian. Can’t miss the accent!!! The owner of the dive shop is from Flin Flon. Small world. Anyhow they have a small boat and the cost for Linda to go out is only 900 baht and includes lunch and several island stops. Diving is more here than any where else, but then the visibility here is phenomenal too. You can see the bottom of the ocean just about everywhere we were in the boat today. The water is so turquoise clear it is stunningly beautiful.

We showered and cooled off in the room for a bit. Had to put on bug spray to head out for the evening as there are mosquitos here and Linda has had several bites that are driving her crazy as they are itching so bad! We bought some antihistamine cream last night and it is helping somewhat. We’ll have to shower again when we get back to get rid of all the bug spray. Glad we brought some with us.

We went for supper and then walked around to find Linda a new watch as she lost her’s at the beach. Can you believe that there is not a watch to be found on this whole island? We did buy some cashews, mango soap (that smells good enough to eat) and some Aloe Vera gel to put on Linda’s slight sun burn. Seems like two applications of SPF 30 wasn’t quite enough! We came back to the room and turned on the air con, opened a beer and sat on the deck in the 29 degree humid nighttime air. It sure beats winter!

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