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Tuesday Feb 2, 2016

Here is a video I uploaded to YouTube today. The video was taken on the way over to Koh Lipe a few days ago.

Today Tuesday Feb 2 we went to Sunset Beach to try to find a shady spot to spend the day.  We needed a map to figure out how to get there despite the fact it is not much more than a 10 minute walk.  We were also looking to find Sabye Divers location on Sunset beach so we could book a dive and snorkel trip for Wednesday.


FYI the map here is so inaccurate that having it is a bit of a hinderance!


We laid in the shade of a huge palm tree and read our Kindles most of the day. We took a break at the Sabye Divers Restaurant and had a couple of beer and lunch. Once back at our shady spot we went for a long snorkel and swim.  The water is so clear.  When we go diving tomorrow we are taking our underwater camera.


Wednesday’s dive trip starts at 9am and we must be there by 8:30 so if we leave the resort by 8am and don’t get lost we should be ok.  We’ll still take the map just in case!!


The weather has been very calm and sunny with the high yesterday of 34, when we went to bed at about 10:30 it was still 30 degrees!

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