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Thursday February 4, 2016

Today is our last day in Koh Lipe. This time next week we will be in Hong Kong heading home. Where has our time gone?

When we got up this morning we went to see where we catch the ferry to Lankawi Malaysia. There is some conflicting information on the place to check in, and also on immigration procedures for the check in. We decided to check it out in advance the day before. We went to the location in the confirmation email from when we bought the tickets online and guess what? The guy said they haven’t been doing the ferry there for three years!! Ok, we head to Pattaya Beach where we arrived. We walked along the beach with a young man and Gary asked “are you catching a ferry today”? And he replied “yes”. Gary asked “to Langkawi”? The guy said “yes”. His story was the same as ours, was told the same wrong information as we were. His comment was “much confusion”! We asked at the ticket booth on Pattaya Beach for the Bundhaya Speed boats. We had found the right place and we confirmed our seats for tomorrow morning. The Ferry leaves at 10 and we must check in at 9 am. After all of that we walked back to the restaurant affiliated with our hotel and had our free breakfast of Mango sticky rice!

Glad we went on our boat excursion yesterday, today the wind is up and the ocean is way more choppy, it’s doubtful that we’d be able to go to some of the sites we went to yesterday with the ocean the way it is. That said, hope things calm down a bit before we have a 3 hour ferry ride tomorrow in probably what will be another hot, hot, tin tub!

The plan for today is enjoy Sunset Beach where we think it will sheltered from the wind. If it’s too windy there we can work our way around the island to find somewhere more sheltered.

After a day at Sunset Beach which was very calm today we came back to our room, showered and got clothes out for morning, then packed everything that we could into the suitcases. We’re never bringing running shoes again. While we needed them at Angkor Wat, we sure don’t need them in Thailand. They are an added weight and a pain in the a$$ to haul around.

We shared one large beer and we have one more to kill before bed time. We aren’t leaving any in the fridge!

We had a Thai pancake for desert with chocolate sauce and ice cream on it.  We forgot to take a picture of the final product. It was very good!



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