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Friday Feb 5, 2016

Last night we went to bed at 9:30 -10 pm and at around 12 midnight we were woken up by a bunch of noise. It happened to be the 2 girls next door and a couple of guys they brought back. They were playing dice out on their patio right next to our door and making no attempt to be quiet. Finally Gary banged on the wall and that didn’t seem to stop the racket so we phoned the front desk lady (named Mee) at home on her cell phone. I’m sure she was about as impressed as we were at that time of night to be woken up. Gary said they need to get the neighbours to be quiet. Finally some one came tapping on our patio door and when Gary opened it he wanted to know what was the problem. Gary said he had to tell the girls to be quiet! They quit the screaming and yelling but continued to play dice. I think we finally got to sleep around 3 am.

We were up around 7am and feeling sluggish. We ate breakfast and checked out to be at the ferry by 9am to get our immigration papers in order. The sad part is that the ferry wasn’t scheduled to leave until 11 am. We sat at a nearby resort in the shade overlooking the beach and read for a while. After we checked in and checked out with immigration (which kept our passports) Finally we were ferried out to the ferry by long tail boats 10 people at a time. When we checked in we were given numbers and ours were 53 and 54. So we ended up on the fifth boat trip to the floating dock and then the ferry. They were already directing people to the front lower level and we ended up in a row with 2 seats on either side of the aisle near the bow. We were 4 rows from the front which made it easy enough to see the TV screen playing a Tom Cruise movie with English sound and English subtitles.

The ride was about 2 1/2 hours and there was a time change as well. We lost an hour so it was about 3 when we left the port in a taxi. Going through customs was easy, we only needed to get our index fingers scanned! That is a first in our travels!

We bought cell phone SIM cards and air time first and then we got our Thai baht changed into Malaysian Ringit and left the port which was much like an airport. There are duty free stores in the port but the truth is that Langkawi is a duty free zone in Malaysia. Chinese even buy stuff made in China here cheaper than at home, according to our cab driver that spoke mediocre English.

Once we got checked in and sorted out we went to check the beach. There is a long stretch of sand and a very wide beach but the water in nothing like Thailand islands. It looks a bit cloudy and not the beautiful blue. Although the sky was cloudy by then I don’t think the sun would have improved the picture any.

We ate supper at a Thai restaurant and Gary had one Skol (Malaysian brewed) beer. Our total bill for supper including a beer and “big Water” (1.5 L water bottle) was 40 1/2 ringits which is $13.45 CDN. So food is reasonable here at least.

The forecast for tomorrow is heavy cloud, the same as today. There were many bikinis on the beach soaking up the filtered sun which still seemed pretty hot. As long as it doesn’t rain we’ll be ok. There are several attractions here we can check out.

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