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Saturday Feb 6, 2016

You notice we have been putting the date at the start of each blog? That is so we remember what day it is and remember to come home.

Our hotel room in Langkawi is one of the worst we have stayed in for bed, sheets, pillows and ugly fugly carpet and again a place with no lock box. I wish they advertised this on their website. They don’t even have a safe box at the front desk. Not impressed GaryandLinda will be making a review on trip advisor and Expedia once we leave! Did I also mention the Internet is absolutely snail slow here? It’s due to the weak wifi signals in the rooms.

We had breakfast at an Indian restaurant a block or two from the hotel (the hotel had given us vouchers for there) that is owned by the hotel. Breakfast was mediocre – an omelette, basically scrambled eggs, cold beans, a cold salad of cucumber and tomato, 2 pieces of toast (barely toasted), 2 samosas and 1 wiener. They call it a sausage but it is definitely a wiener and certainly not appealing to either us for breakfast or at any other time!

There was a small laundry service by our hotel that we saw last night. This morning we took our laundry with us on the way to breakfast. They assured us they could have it done by 5 pm today so we left the bag of dirty clothes with them and ended up running back with a few more things once we’d confirmed same day service!

There are many things to do in Langkawi but the one thing that interested us is the cable car and suspension bridge across the gorge. We walked out to the main street where a taxi stand is and took a cab to the attraction. There are a number of things to do besides the cable car and suspension bridge – they sell various packages with different options that include a T-Rex 3D movie, Art in Paradise, Duck tour and a couple others that we weren’t interested in. We ended up purchasing the cable car but upgrading to the ExpressPass. We decided last minute on the ExpressPass when we found out that with the number of tickets sold we would have to wait 1 1/2 – 2 hours before we could catch the cable car. With the ExpressPass you jump the line and go straight to the front of the line, no waiting!

The cable car was one of the highest we have ever been on, certainly the steepest incline! It was amazing to be gliding over thick forest and rocky cliffs. There was a stop 3/4 of the way up where we got off and could look around and see the sites from several look-outs. Then you caught the cable car for the second leg of the journey. At the end there are several more look-outs. From the top we could see Ko Lipe where we came from yesterday. It is hard to believe that the island is a 2 1/2 hour ferry ride away! To get to the curved suspension bridge you had to buy another ticket for either a incline rail car or access to the walking trail which is basically stairs, dirt trail and more steps. 230 M of down and then back up one each direction. We walked through thick forest of trees and bamboo. By opting for the walking trail and got our exercise for the day. The curved suspension bridge was pretty cool – you could get vertigo looking down and trust me it was a long way down!! Very steep gorge where the bridge goes. The temperature is at least 5C cooler at the top 700 M above sea level. It was quite breezy up there too!
Here’s some info on the the cable car as found on Wikipedia

CLICK HERE for more Info in new window

Horizontal distance: 2079 m
Vertical rise: 680 m
Inclined distance: 2158 m
Haul rope diameter: 50 mm
Bull wheel diameter: 6.10 m
Passenger per gondola: 6 persons
Design speed: 5 m/s
Operating speed: 3 m/s
Turn around trip time: 28 minute
Hourly capacity: 700 passengers/hour
Number of stations: 3
Number of in-line towers: 2
Height of Tower 1: 38 m
Height of Tower 2: 70 m
Longest free span: 919.5 m (between Tower 2 & Middle station)
Steepest gradient: 42 degrees
Construction period: 16 months (April 2001 – August 2002)
Testing & Commissioning period: 3 months (August 2002 – October 2002)


FYI we are now in our new Hotel and a nice ocean view room. What an upgrade that was!

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