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Monday Feb 8, 2016

Last night we had people in the room above us that slid a chair around grinding on the floor till midnight! WTF? Sometimes you’d like to kill!

Well this morning we slept in a bit and also talked to a few people back home on Skype. Skype is such an amazing product and it is cheap to call anywhere. We do have a North American anywhere plan so we can phone back home, but we also have used it to phone Malaysian numbers and it barely costs anything.

We were late for breakfast and the hoards of Chinese were like vultures on road kill. They touch everything and are quite mannerless on their best behaviour. It’s a real disgusting side show. Happy Chinese New Year. The year of the hungry monkey! LOL

There were no eggs, bread, fruit, or most anything else left by the time we got down to the buffet. We waited until they brought out new platters but they vanished in seconds, so if we weren’t paying attention we missed out! Quite the gong show. Linda saw a guy take the last twelve slices of bread with a lineup behind him! Tomorrow we are going to beat the crowds and all the grief. We pity the staff in the buffet restaurant as it is like swimming up a waterfall trying to keep up with the food vanishing so fast.

Today we sat at the pool in the shade and in the sun, swam and read our kindles. It was quiet at the pool until around 5pm the time we were leaving. At 5 pm all the tourists were back from where ever they were all day. By 6pm there isn’t a lounge chair available and the pool is full of kids playing and sliding on the water slides. We’re trying to decide where we’ll go eat supper. There are no restaurants without walking 2 or 3 blocks maybe 10 blocks to find a new place to try. Our adventure begins. If we wanted sea food like squid or fish head soup we’d be laughing, but not us prairie bred whiteys! Since we had a very late lunch we have time to look around and get some exercise at the same time. The pace is slow until we get into the hunter gathering mode. Now we’re thinking about hunting a new restaurant! We might try Indian but we really miss the Thai food. It’s only one island north of here!! Gary’s favourite is fried rice with vegetables and cashew nuts. We did learn an amazing fact about cashews. Each single cashew nut grows on a cashew apple the size of a medium sized apple. We did buy a cashew apple to try out and threw it away because it is hard and sour like a green apple. If you every wonder why cashews are so expensive it’s because for every bushel of cashews there must be 10 bushels or more of those sour apples. The fact is, even here cashews are not cheap by any means. They’re probably slightly cheaper than chicken though when used in a meal.

We finally found a neat little restaurant. There was a triangular piece of land across the street from the restaurant that was grassed and had a large concrete area, some was wide sidewalk. They had tables set up and lighting so you could sit outside and enjoy the warm breeze. We ordered pineapple fried rice and cashew chicken. Every place makes their cashew chicken slightly different. This one was pretty spicy – lots of small hot red peppers in with it and the chicken was deep fried and more crispy than some we’ve had. The rice was really good and not spicy! Our lips were burning from the cashew chicken! By the time we were done it was dark and we hoofed it back to our hotel. A couple of the streets weren’t lit that well and you have to be very cautious as there are holes or defective grates in lots of spots, plus there are always some rather odorous spots where you get either very stinky seafood smells, sewer smells or something we can’ t identify – you just hold you breath and walk as quick as you can!!

We got back to the hotel safely and read for a bit. All of a sudden there was huge bangs and we realized that they were setting off fireworks. We scrambled to get the lights shut off and stood on our balcony to watch. They were very impressive and I don’t think we’ve ever been so close to the action! A great finale to our evening!

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