Author: Gary and Linda

Blog 26

Friday February 12, 2016 We got home Friday and never posted this until the following day Saturday afternoon Feb 13, 2016.   On Thursday afternoon when we arrived in HK from KL we weren’t exhausted enough so we went to the magic kingdom of Hong Kong!         We left the Hong Kong Regal Airport hotel at 6… Read more →

Blog 25

Thursday Feb 11, 2016 We had a busy day yesterday after we flew from Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur. First thing, the KLIA airport is 45 km out of town. The trip takes the better part of an hour due to traffic. Once we got checked into the hotel (we had to wait over an hour), we met up with our… Read more →

Blog 24

Wednesday Feb 10 Just sitting in Langkawi airport. Our plane just arrived so we will load soon. The cab driver told us of the rumor that MH370 was hijacked by the US govt because there were drones on it headed to Beijing China. The theory goes that it was landed in Diego Garcia and disposed of. Interesting.   We are… Read more →

Blog 23

Tuesday Feb 9, 2016 We got up in good time this morning and were down for breakfast shortly after they opened so we could beat the crowd! While the buffet is large, there isn’t a ton of things that we are used to having for breakfast or even want to consider! However, we usually fill up on the fresh watermelon… Read more →

Blog 22

Monday Feb 8, 2016 Last night we had people in the room above us that slid a chair around grinding on the floor till midnight! WTF? Sometimes you’d like to kill! Well this morning we slept in a bit and also talked to a few people back home on Skype. Skype is such an amazing product and it is cheap… Read more →

Blog 21

Sunday Feb 7, 2016 Today we woke up in paradise! And it was a great start to a great day! We went down for our buffet breakfast and were slightly disappointed. There was too much Chinese stuff on the menu including seafood fried rice (gag)! There was a lot of fruit like water melon, pineapple and the usual beans, dry… Read more →

Blog 20

Saturday Feb 6, 2016 You notice we have been putting the date at the start of each blog? That is so we remember what day it is and remember to come home. Our hotel room in Langkawi is one of the worst we have stayed in for bed, sheets, pillows and ugly fugly carpet and again a place with no… Read more →